SauveCraft 2

SauveCraft 2 HowTo

This modpack will need a minimum of 2 Gb of RAM to use.

1. Download MultiMC5 and this modpack SauveCraft 2 1.0.1.

2. Install MultiMC in a directory name MultiMC for example:

c:\MultiMC for windows

/Users/lsauve/MultiMC for Mac

3. Start MultiMC5. You will be ask to select the java version to use. Select the most recent one. I suggested you use 64 bit if you have a 64 bit operating system. Then click the OK button.

4. Before proceeding further, you will need to add your Minecraft account. Select in the upper right corner Account , then Manage accounts. The rest is self explanatory.

5. After you created you Minecraft account. Open the instance folder in a browser by clicking the account in the tool bar.

6. Decompress the Sauvecraft.7z with 7-zip or your choice of unarchiver in the instance folder of MultiMC5.

7. Go back to MultiMC and click the refresh button

The instance will now appear in MultiMC.

8. Click the Change Settings in the tool bar.

9.Select Java in the left column and change the setting as shown in the following screenshot. Then close the windows.

12. Double click the instance and everything should be in working order.

13. …

14. …

15. Profffiiitttsssss.

Suggested texture packs.