All the Mods 8

Player(s): 0/4

Version: 1.19.2

Welcome to Lanord’s Kingdom

As the new year is getting closer, I decided to remake my corner of the Internet for all thing related to my minecraft servers. This will be a gathering of informations for my players as well as anyone interested to minecraft. For the next year, I’ll be deploying a new instance of the modpack Direwolf20 in 1.10.2 version of minecraft. There will be no change to the configuration of the modpack nor will there be any addition to it. There will be some server side modification, like the addition of the Dynmap plugins. I’ll also be testing the world border function to see if it could be interesting to have some limit to start with a progressing border expending as time goes on. As the modpack is totally different then my old server modpack, I’ll will not be able to move the world to this instance. But the server is still up for anyone to play on it.

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