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Player(s): 0/4

Version: 1.19.2

Upgrade to the 1.5.1 of Direwolf20 modpack

For the moment we will go to 1.5.1, but I’m already looking into 1.6 as some of the change would be beneficial for the server. As you can read in the changelog there are lots of fixes and some new stuff to discover.

Here is the changelog for the upgrade :


FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10-1.10.2-1.5.0

Another update mainly consisting of fixes and stability improvements! As for gameplay changes, there are some of those in Immersive Engineering, the RFTools suite, and Refined Storage.

Disclaimer: At least for now, neither Extra Utilities 2 nor Extreme Reactors will be updated to newer versions. New builds of these mods have some heavy internal changes, which not only affect existing worlds (missing blocks and items), but also break compatibility with other mods (broken recipes, potential crashes). In the event things are worked out, and an update to them is viable, there will be another note like this one in a future update.

Mod(s) Updated

  • Baubles by azanor – (1.3.8 > 1.3.9)
    • Added player references to capabilities container and added checks for item validity.
  • Biomes O’ Plenty by Glitchfiend – ( >
    • Made some noise params from vanilla configurable:
      • Main Noise X/Y/Z
      • Coordinate Scale
      • Height Scale
      • Lower/Upper Limit Scale
    • Flowering leaves no longer render as white boxes.
    • Fixed crash when picking up pistons.
    • Fixed: Don’t bypass the blockstate and don’t bypass it with wrong parameters. (Server Crash)
  • Botania by Vazkii – (r1.9-339 > r1.9-340)
    • The Gourmaryllis now plays a burp sound when it’s done eating.
    • Fixed a crash regarding tile entities and block states not playing together.
    • Fixed crash on unequipping the Ring of Loki.
    • Fixed the Crafty Crate destroying items if there’s a block under it.
    • Fixed the Gourmaryllis spamming packets and causing ridiculous network usage.
    • Fixed the Key of the King’s Law stacking portals together if the player is looking straight down.
    • Fixed the Life Imbuer spawning mobs inside blocks.
    • Fixed the livingwood bow not using 1.9 arrow priority and using arrows even if they have infinity.
    • Fixed the Mana Enchanter not accepting floating flowers.
    • Fixed the Ring of Loki checking your offhand item and thus negating the cursor addition if you have no item in either hand.
    • Fixed the T.A. Plate not showing particles.
  • CompatLayer by McJty – (0.1.7 > 0.2.1)
    • Fixes for JEI (needed for Deep Resonance).
  • CraftTweaker by jaredlll08 – (3.0.17 > 3.0.20)
    • Fixed spam in server console when running /help.
    • Fixed JEI support not loading.
    • Implemented String equals into Zenscript. ("string1" == "string2")
    • Added an Entity Bracket Handler: <entity:name>
    • Added mob drop supports. For example:
          <entity:sheep>.addDrop(<minecraft:dirt>, 1, 5);
          <entity:sheep>.addPlayerOnlyDrop(<minecraft:stick>, 1, 5);
    • Added a for loop over an int range:
      • Example 1:
          for i in a to b {
      • Example 2:
          for i in 1 to 5 {
    • Removed a call to a deleted method.
    • Reverted to old code for RecipeTransformers, this should fix some issues.
    • Fixed a crash on startup regarding JEI.
    • Fixed an issue when mobs are captured into the mobdrop list.
  • Deep Resonance by McJty – (1.4.3 > 1.4.5)
    • Added a new RFTools Control opcode to measure the amount of power left in an adjacent crystal (number between 0 and 100).
    • Added a new RFTools Control opcode to measure the amount of liquid crystal left in the laser block.
    • Fixed a bug with the crystalizer where it would sometimes crash and at the very least misbehave if the tank under it didn’t contain valid RCL.
    • Fixed a problem with JEI compatibility on 1.10
  • EnderCore by tterrag1098 – ( >
    • Removed long outdated code.
    • Removed wild “abstract” that suddenly appeared.
    • Added ItemGUIRenderEvent.Pre.
  • Forestry by SirSengir – ( >
    • Added ILeafProvide.
    • Improved wood state mapper and woodmeshdefinition.
    • Improved Decorative Leaves.
    • Renamed getDecorativeLeave to getDecorativeLeaves.
    • Improve getDecorativeLeaves.
    • Exposed WoodAccess registration to the API.
    • Fixed TreeFactory.
    • Fixed a crash while shift clicking any item into farm.
    • Fixed: Added missing files.
  • FTB Utilities by FTB – (3.2.4 > 3.2.9)
    • Fixed a server crash.
    • Allowed to use the admin_unclaim_all command in SSP.
    • Renamed some permission nodes, possibly fixed issue where OPs can’t unclaim other chunks.
    • Added WIP Tinker’s Construct integration.
    • Removed the javascript command.
    • Removed InfoPageGuides, ServerInfoFile.
    • Made some code cleanup.
    • Compressed all different image/texture providers into one, IImageProvider, fixing guide images.
    • Fixed a bunch of potential crashes with fake players.
    • Fixed some client-side crashes.
  • FTBLib by FTB – (3.2.3 > 3.2.9)
    • Added IconSet, ModelBuilder, SpriteSet, BasicConfigContainer and ItemListLine.
    • Added hr and list lines, made some changes to how lines/their widgets are created.
    • Made some code cleanup.
    • Fixed some command permission issues.
    • Fixed some commands not working with offline players.
    • Compressed all different image/texture providers into one, IImageProvider, fixing guide images.
    • Fixed ISidebarButton sorting, ItemListButtonLM item information hover.
    • Fixed some client-side crashes.
    • Fixed some server crashes, added FinalIDObject id rules.
  • Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize – (0.10-54 > 0.10-55)
    • Re-added the Bottling Machine! It bottles things up, like fluids and emotions!
    • Added indicative scrollbars to the manual.
    • Added a nullcheck to guard against malformed sound events.
    • Added a login check to synchronizing Excavator data.
    • Added a config option for the drop weight of Hemp Seeds.
    • Changed IC2 compat to no longer load with IC2 classic.
    • Changed permission levels on comamnds in order to allow the use of /cie resetrenders for everyone.
    • Fixed Minetweaker and JEI integration. Arc Furnace has been reduced to a single category, I’m afraid.
    • Fixed Automatic Workbench using Pair from JavaFX.
    • Fixed null-master exceptions for Multiblocks.
    • Fixed rotations of wooden blocks (Gunpowder Barrel, Item Router).
    • Fixed GUI of the Item Router.
    • Fixed SideOnly exceptions triggered by Chisel&Bits.
    • Fixed Withers dropping Lootbags. They really shouldn’t anymore.
    • Fixed world loading caused by connection persistence and validation.
    • Fixed Crusher not collecting drops from low-health entities.
    • Fixed Assembler and Metal Press not reorienting conveyors when broken.
  • JourneyMap by techbrew – (5.4.3 > 5.4.4)
    • Improved memory usage.
    • Fixed: Cave and Nether mapping being broken; open areas below slice (y-band) weren’t mapped.
    • Fixed: Version string included Forge version instead of Minecraft version.
  • McJtyLib by McJty – (2.3.4 > 2.3.6)
    • Added support for reading large energy values from Draconic Evolution, Mekanism, and EnderIO. This will fix the rftools energy monitor and screen modules.
    • RFTools screens with truetype support will now support color codes again.
  • Not Enough Wands by romelo333 – (1.5.3 > 1.5.4)
    • Fixed a model error which was appearing after updating to a more recent forge build.
    • Mod doesn’t show selection box on lights anymore.
  • Refined Storage by raoulvdberge – (1.2.17 > 1.2.20)
    • Added integration for Collosal Chests for the External Storage, the Importer and the Exporter, improving performance.
    • Added Solderer particles.
    • Added Grid sorting by ID.
    • Applied performance improvements with oredict autocrafting.
    • Fluid Grid now first tries to get buckets from your inventory instead of the storage.
    • Exposed the Network Card inventory of the Network Transmitter so other tiles can interact with it.
    • Increased the size of Detector textbox.
    • Mod now handles breaking and placing blocks better for Constructor and Destructor.
    • Updated back texture of the cable part, and the Construction and Destruction Core textures.
    • Fixed client side crash with cable.
    • Fixed client side crash with disk drive.
    • Fixed crash with external storage in fluid mode.
    • Autocrafting bugfixes.
    • Fixed stack upgrades not working in exporter when stack size is 16.
    • Fixed a crash when rotating External Storage.
    • Fixed disk textures not working on latest Forge.
    • Fixed a client side crash related with cables.
  • RFTools by McJty – (5.81 > 5.82)
    • New ‘V’ toggle button in the gui of the storage scanner, terminal and tablet so that you can toggle a wide view for items. This setting is remembered in the storage scanner.
    • It is now again possible to define custom configs for mobs for the rftools spawner.
    • The storage scanner and modular storage crafting grid will now craft with ore dictionary support.
    • It is again not possible to clear the protection mode of a protected block protector with the smart wrench.
    • It is again possible to add disjoint shield sections to an existing shield.
    • Fixed a problem with the sensor and crops growth. It would crash the game.
    • Fixed a misconfiguration in the spawner for squids. You’ll have to regenerate the rftools config for this to work.
    • Fixed shouldReequip with charged porter and tablet so that the tablet and porter icons go away if you move to another item.
  • RFTools Control by McJty – (1.6.4 > 1.6.5)
    • Added: New hex mode in parameter editor to make editing colors easier.
    • Fixed a bug where marking a craft request Ok but not giving an item did complete that request but prevented further requests in the same batch (i.e. a count > 1 was given in the crafting station) from being requested.
    • It is now possible to extract/insert items from the processor generic buffer with hoppers/conduits/whatever. Makes some kind of automation easier.
    • Made screen selection in the vector art module more accurate.
  • RFTools Dimensions by McJty – (4.53 > 4.54)
    • Fixed a crash during dimension creation that could occur when random mobs were selected.
  • The One Probe by McJty – (1.3.3 > 1.4.1)
    • First dual version (1.10 and 1.11) release of The One Probe. Needs CompatLayer for that.
    • Fixed usage of localization classes on server side. That should fix TOP showing incorrect unlocalized names on modded 1.11 servers.
    • Fixed a bug in the bauble support.
    • Added support for Forge Energy.

FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10-1.10.2-1.5.1

Hotfix! – Downgraded Immersive Engineering due to a compatibility issue with Draconic Evolution.

Mod(s) Downgraded

  • Immersive Engineering by BluSunrize – (0-10.55 > 0.10-54)

Mod(s) Updated

  • The One Probe by McJty – (1.4.1 > 1.4.2)
    • Jason Spradlin fixed a bug where IC2-compliant machines reporting greater currentEnergyStored than maxEnergy was causing the progress bar to overflow outside of its bounds
    • Improved how unlocalized names are sent from server to client. This should fix localization issues with IC2, Pam’s HarvestCraft and maybe others
    • Only show collar color if the wolf is tamed
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